Arlettes – pin wheels of yum!

Arlette, mother of William the Conqueror or delicious cookie. While looking around the internet trying to find out exactly what I was about to bake I stumbled across a list of famous Arlettes but not a lot of cookies. The best I could find was that Arlettes are a variation on the Palmier, another puff pastry cookie. Palmiers are named after palm trees and pigs ears, not things I usually group together. Arlettes just seem to be their own thing, no plant or animal name sake. I did read that Arlettes are sometimes served with icecream, which brings me to my big revelation. The Arlette ice-cream sandwich!! Move over macaron, beat it dark chocolate-esk cookie, make room for the Arlette! I’m on to something here I know it!

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Ciabatta – my new go-to

Bread is my jam. I love making it.  Its the type of baking that is always productive.  When I make bread I am providing a key piece of sustenance to my family…at least in my carb obsessed house.  Seriously, even my cat loves bread! The smell of baking bread is incredible.  It can be a breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, anything!  And you usually don’t get quite the same stink eye from the dieters when you show up with bread compared to when you show up with a giant cake.  Despite my love of baking bread, I will be the first to admit it can go horribly wrong!  I’m sure most of my loaves wouldn’t pass the Paul Hollywood poke test.  And making bread is a long sometimes boring process.   For those reasons and more it is oh so satisfying when you manage to create something halfway edible.  And even better when the thing you make looks pretty close to the picture in the recipe book.  That is baking nirvana.

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Apricot Chapeau

Parlez vous francais? Me neither.  Although really I should, I went to French immersion school for grades 7 and 8.  After two years at Jeanne Sauve Public School my most prominent memories are of the oatmeal cookies they used to sell at recess and the turtle shaped piggy bank I made in tech class.  I still talk about those oatmeal cookies and that turtle is hanging around somewhere but the French language?  Gone.  Which is why when I was looking at this recipe it never dawned on me that couronne means crown.  I blame the public school system.

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It’s English Muffin Day!

There are certain bakes that get me more excited than others in this whole challenge/blog experience. Things, like jam doughnuts have been on my baking bucket list (also known as my Pinterest board) for some time. And at the top of that list sits English muffins! I have pinned countless recipes for English muffin bread, sourdough English muffins and more.  I’ve even attempted crumpets which, in my mind, are a close cousin to the English muffin.   But at long last it’s happened, I accomplished the goal, I made English muffins!  Next bucket list item, fly first class….oops wrong list.

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