Mary’s frosted walnut layer cake

Hello series 6!  I’m in the home stretch.  In my mind Bake Off ended with the departure of Mary, Mel and Sue so I am working for series 7.  Don’t get me wrong I still watched the latest series and I didn’t hate the new hosts but is it really Bake Off without the Mary Berry?  Plus what is going on with Paul’s tan? I just can support his blatant disregard for SPF.  And with that I am embarking on the last of just 20 technical bakes. Did I say just 20? I have lost my mind. Luckily sanity is not a requirement for baking.

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Tiramisu cake – a cautionary tale

What can I say about Tiramisu?  Well, it’s not trifle.  I learned that after years of confusion.  Much like Al Pachino is not Robert DeNiro.  I know they were different but somehow they always occupied the same space in my brain.  So that’s fact one.  Tiramisu is not Triffle, but it could be Al Pachino’s favourite dessert for all we know.  Fact number two;  Tiramisu seems to be a boozy, caffeine-loaded pile of cake with fancy cream cheese icing, aka.  my husband’s dream.  Sorry, that is probably the most offensive description of Tiramisu ever recorded.   Tiramisu fact number three; the recipe is a lesson in planning and I failed.

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Charlotte Royale

This one almost broke me.  I spent the week moaning “I don’t wanna”,”Please don’t make me”, “I’ll just skip it”.  And other such logical and mature things you say to your husband when you have decided to spend all your free time baking things from show most people in Canada don’t really care about. I was clearly against this bake from the start.  As Sue aptly put it, “It looks like a brain”.  What the heck would I do with a giant brain filled with gelatin custard?  I know, I’ll feed it to my in-laws!  What else is family for but to lie to you about your mediocre baking/cooking.  Well I am about to test how much my in-laws love me, that’s for sure!

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The internet is a magical and enlightening place.  In preparation for the post I, as usual, had to remember how to spell things, mainly the name of this bake so I googled “religious choux pastry”.   Thankfully google knew exactly what I was getting at and populated the page with several recipes for Religieuse along with the ubiquitous Wikipedia entry.  I take everything Wikipedia says as gospel (which I know is highly recommended) so I clicked on the entry to find out what I was about to bake.  Along with a description of the components, I learned that the shape of the pastry is meant to represent a papal mitre (some hat thing…sorry Catholic people I don’t know what I’m talking about) NOT a fat snowman shaped Nun!  This was very welcome news since I had decided that the pastry was borderline body shaming Nuns.  So there you have it!  The truth behind Religieuse.  I should point out that the rest of the world hasn’t been reading Wikipedia as most other recipes start out by saying things like “representing a well-padded Nun” but that is neither here nor there.

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