Pretzels – See you Series 4

First and foremost an update for all those who have been on pins and needles regarding the Charlotte Royal.  They ate it AND they said it was good!  Although I should mention it was consumed after consuming several drinks and a delicious meal (they may have been drunk and or groggy).  It maintained its brain shape after coming out of the bowl and the bavarois was fruity and jiggly.  I think we all benefitted from the fact that I skipped coving the whole thing in goo, but mostly me because I didn’t have to spend hours tracking down arrowroot. So there you have it, another retro dessert in the bag.

Now on to Pretzels.  I have been adopted into a family that worships the gods of baseball.  Since meeting my husband I have memorized entire team rosters, learned how to properly score and game and spent a Thanksgiving at the Baseball Hall of fame.  And while I don’t think any of my many hours spent watching baseball have included pretzels this bake seems like a homage to baseball fans everywhere. And I can almost guarantee more than one of these pretzels will be consumed while watching a game, even if it is from our couch.

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Apricot Chapeau

Parlez vous francais? Me neither.  Although really I should, I went to French immersion school for grades 7 and 8.  After two years at Jeanne Sauve Public School my most prominent memories are of the oatmeal cookies they used to sell at recess and the turtle shaped piggy bank I made in tech class.  I still talk about those oatmeal cookies and that turtle is hanging around somewhere but the French language?  Gone.  Which is why when I was looking at this recipe it never dawned on me that couronne means crown.  I blame the public school system.

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Eight-strand plaited loaf

Along with baking, another thing I love to do is read!  Although right now I am reading less than I once was, reading is still a big part of my life. And one of the first genres of books I read obsessively was historical fiction.  I loved reading about history so much I ended up studying it in University (although the word study should be used loosely when said in relation to me and school).  Why am I telling you all this?  Because thanks to my years of reading things like Pillers of the Earth, Catherine Called Birdy and The Other Boleyn Girl  I actually knew what Paul was talking about when he said “plaited loaf”. Now someone from the UK would probably tell you that plait is still used today and is in fact just the word for braid.  But to me, plait is inextricably linked with castles and everything historic. Enough reminiscing, time to bake….but first let me wistfully scroll through Goodreads!

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Iced Fingers

As Joey would say, buns – good, jam – good, cream – good, iced buns – pretty good. Ok, it may not be a direct quote but the Friends fans out there will know what I’m talking about.  As someone that loves all things bread and sugar, I was pretty pumped about this bake.  Seriously, I think the best meal you can have is bread and butter.  Add into that mix some sugary goodness and things can only get better right? Well if you like a whipped cream sandwich you’re right.  If you think whipped cream on a very soft hot dog bun is a little different then you and I are in the same boat.

I’m getting ahead of myself.  First I have to tell you how I made these unique little guys.

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