In the same vein as the Cornish Pasty and the Sachertorte this Princess cake appears to be a well know and well-loved dessert.  According to food historians and google alike the Prinsesstårta (which I will be calling the princess cake because I can’t figure out how to get that little circle above the a) is a Swedish tradition.  The cake originated sometime in the 1930-40 as a favourite of one or all of the three Swedish princesses, Margaretha, Märtha, and Astrid, daughters of Prince Carl.  All that is to say that I will no doubt disappoint and possibly offend an entire nation with my retelling of this bake.  Oh boy!

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Pear Pie

You may find yourself asking what happens when you wrap a shoelace around a pear and put it in the oven.  Or,  if you’re a true baker, what happens when that shoelace is made out of flour and butter and the pear is covered in festive goo?  Well, don’t despair I too was plagued with that age-old question and one Sunday afternoon I took it upon myself to find out.

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Tiramisu cake – a cautionary tale

What can I say about Tiramisu?  Well, it’s not trifle.  I learned that after years of confusion.  Much like Al Pachino is not Robert DeNiro.  I know they were different but somehow they always occupied the same space in my brain.  So that’s fact one.  Tiramisu is not Triffle, but it could be Al Pachino’s favourite dessert for all we know.  Fact number two;  Tiramisu seems to be a boozy, caffeine-loaded pile of cake with fancy cream cheese icing, aka.  my husband’s dream.  Sorry, that is probably the most offensive description of Tiramisu ever recorded.   Tiramisu fact number three; the recipe is a lesson in planning and I failed.

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Ciabatta – my new go-to

Bread is my jam. I love making it.  Its the type of baking that is always productive.  When I make bread I am providing a key piece of sustenance to my family…at least in my carb obsessed house.  Seriously, even my cat loves bread! The smell of baking bread is incredible.  It can be a breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, anything!  And you usually don’t get quite the same stink eye from the dieters when you show up with bread compared to when you show up with a giant cake.  Despite my love of baking bread, I will be the first to admit it can go horribly wrong!  I’m sure most of my loaves wouldn’t pass the Paul Hollywood poke test.  And making bread is a long sometimes boring process.   For those reasons and more it is oh so satisfying when you manage to create something halfway edible.  And even better when the thing you make looks pretty close to the picture in the recipe book.  That is baking nirvana.

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The scandal that rocked the baking world.  Florentines!  Where is Robert Langdon when you need him? While innocently searching for this recipe the other day I came across this article. And I was shocked (or at least mildly intrigued).  For those of you not looking for a full rundown on the history of Florentines let me sum up.  Everyone in the world, probably even Mary Berry, attributes these cookies to Florence,  Italy.  BUT in reality, or at least according to one food writer, they are a French creation!  Mind-blowing, right?! Apparently, some 17th-century French royal made them for their Tuscan in-laws.  So now you are one of the select few that know the truth about Florentines.  Unfortunately for me, it doesn’t matter who came up the recipe I still have to give it a go.

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Cherry Cake – The OG

Since I have already waxed poetic about the divine confection that is the cherry stick doughnut it may not come as a surprise to you that I am also a cherry chip cake fangirl.  As I’ve mentioned my Mom is and was an amazing baker.  Her butter tarts single-handedly converted me to accepting raisins in desserts.  Despite all her skill some of my favourite cakes she made came from the classic Betty Crocker boxed mix.  Topping the list of best cakes ever is the Betty Crocker Rainbow Chip and Cherry Chip cakes.  There is just something about the super sweet kind of snythetic flavour of those cakes that appealed to me as a kid.  I secretly still love those cakes, even though I pretend to have a refined palate that is turned off by too much sugar.  I was excited to start the series five technicals by paying homage to my childhood favourite.  Not to mention the fact that the recipe only had 5 steps.  Woohoo!

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Pretzels – See you Series 4

First and foremost an update for all those who have been on pins and needles regarding the Charlotte Royal.  They ate it AND they said it was good!  Although I should mention it was consumed after consuming several drinks and a delicious meal (they may have been drunk and or groggy).  It maintained its brain shape after coming out of the bowl and the bavarois was fruity and jiggly.  I think we all benefitted from the fact that I skipped coving the whole thing in goo, but mostly me because I didn’t have to spend hours tracking down arrowroot. So there you have it, another retro dessert in the bag.

Now on to Pretzels.  I have been adopted into a family that worships the gods of baseball.  Since meeting my husband I have memorized entire team rosters, learned how to properly score and game and spent a Thanksgiving at the Baseball Hall of fame.  And while I don’t think any of my many hours spent watching baseball have included pretzels this bake seems like a homage to baseball fans everywhere. And I can almost guarantee more than one of these pretzels will be consumed while watching a game, even if it is from our couch.

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