One thing I love about the Great British Bake Off is it has exposed me to so many desserts for all over Eroupe.  At the beginning I thought they would stay close to home with the Victoria Sandwich and Cornish Pasty. But as the series progress I have got to spend time on recipes from France, Sweeden and quite often Germany. I’ve never been lucky enough to visit Germany (beyond a layover in the Munich airport), but based on GBBO it is worth a stop for their desserts alone. Sadly after I post this bake I will never be welcome in Germany again.

I guess I should be happy the challenge wasn’t to make a Baumkuchen, a dessert similar to the 20 layered Schichttorte except it’s cooked on a spit. Even with the challenge level set to easy by comparison I managed to turn this bake into an exercise in how to waste 11 eggs.

I got off to a brilliant start by separating 10 eggs. Here is egg number 1.


As I said.  Brilliant!  So 11 eggs later I beat my yolks, butter and sugar together. Pro (aka. mediocre Jess) tip: breaking your eggs on the counter rather than the bowl really does help with broken yolks.

I then took the time to wipe the other bowl of my mixer with vinegar just to make sure my whites would whip up perfectly. So whipped my whites to soft peaks, except the peaks were not soft. As always I ended up with over whipped whites. What am I missing?  How long do you whip for soft peaks. Someone help me!


I then very carefully loosened the yolk mixture with the crumbly whites and folded it all together.

With my appropriately sized pan prepped and the broiler (which I figured out is called a grill in the UK) preheated I  grilled my first layer.  It puffed up more than I expected but things were looking ok.  I layered and grilled until I started to notice the batter was kind of separating.  I was only 7 layers in but the batter was quickly dwindling and starting to look unappetizing. There was a pool of liquid in the bottom of the bowl with a foamy batter on top. I just thought it was a weird recipe. I proceeded to grill the rest of the batter, I got to 12 layers in total, some much darker than the others.

It was around layer 10 that I realized I had failed all of Germany.  Any super bakers out there know what I did wrong? And how I managed to create this?


Flour!  You really need flour to keep your Schichttorte from turning into a sweet stack of omelettes. I couldn’t bring myself to coat the thing in chocolate so I threw in the towel. I would be eliminated in the final.  I  survived the Princess cake and the pear pie but the Schichttorte was my undoing. And I’m especially sad because I would have loved to see that cool castle in Germany.

Let’s hope season 6 is a little kinder to me and I can stay a bit more focused.

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