Creme Caramel – aka Milk Jello

Did we break the internet?  I know I might not have the power of Kim Kardashian but my source for Bake Off episodes on DailyMotion is gone!  Did all of us baking enthusiasts flood the site and tip off the powers that be?  I am neurotic and slightly self-absorbed so to me, this seems the only explanation.  Either way, they are gone and with them my beloved Masterclasses.  How will I survive the rest of these challenges without the coaching of Paul and Mary?  Not very well is my guess.  Especially when this week I was faced with a recipe that included, one – caramel, two – whole egg custard and three – a bain marie!  I felt like a real bake off contestant because I had no idea what I was doing!

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Treacle Tart – Why Harry?

When I think of Treacle Tart I immediately think of Harry Potter.  I can’t say I remember him gushing about his love for this British classic in the books but there are just some things Harry Potter fans come to know. And a quick google revealed that Treacle Tart is mentioned several times in the series and I missed it.  I guess it’s time for a re-read.  So with Harry’s endorsement, I was eager to see what this tart was all about.

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Eight-strand plaited loaf

Along with baking, another thing I love to do is read!  Although right now I am reading less than I once was, reading is still a big part of my life. And one of the first genres of books I read obsessively was historical fiction.  I loved reading about history so much I ended up studying it in University (although the word study should be used loosely when said in relation to me and school).  Why am I telling you all this?  Because thanks to my years of reading things like Pillers of the Earth, Catherine Called Birdy and The Other Boleyn Girl  I actually knew what Paul was talking about when he said “plaited loaf”. Now someone from the UK would probably tell you that plait is still used today and is in fact just the word for braid.  But to me, plait is inextricably linked with castles and everything historic. Enough reminiscing, time to bake….but first let me wistfully scroll through Goodreads!

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Rum Baba – Masterclass don’t fail me now!

TGI Masterclass!  I knew series three would be a challenge, what with recipes that tip the scales at 30 plus steps, but we have really started with a bang!  Rum Baba, excuse me, what?  Now I know I wasn’t alive in the seventies during this recipe’s hay day but even the owner of the speciality baking store where I got my tin didn’t know what I was talking about.  I did not have a warm and fuzzy feeling about this bake. Thankfully I had the coaching of Paul to help me get through.

I’m not sure what’s available on the American Netflix or Youtube etc.  But I have found all of series 3 including the Masterclass episodes on DailyMotion.  Masterclass is a handful of episodes where Paul and Mary walk you through choice recipes of the series.  Usually, they cover the Technical Challenges so I feel a bit like I am cheating from here on out with my bakes.  From now own when I screw up it’s going to be especially impressive.  Armed with tips from Paul and a clearly labelled bag of sugar (not salt, sorry John) it was time to baba.

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